How to Sign Up Alertpay as Online Way Payment

         Alertpay, online way payment – Alertpay is one of an online payment tool which is usually used by many online business programs. It looks like online bank account, can be used to send and receive money via internet. Alertpay itself was founded in 2004 and rapidly growing fast in online payment. Why should we have an account in alertpay? There are several reasons why it’s necessary. First, there are a lot of online business providers where in their countries isn’t available for Paypal or other payment tools, and they have to use third party payment providers. Some of them use Alertpay as an alternative of second party. Second, some buyers also have problem in their countries about online payment issue, and they have to use Alertpay too for making their transaction easier. I’ll show you

How to Sign up Alertpay

1. Go to and click “sign up” link on right corner of its website. Now, you should choose your country there, if your country appears on alertpay list country, it signs that alertpay allows your country for its transaction.

2. Choose your account type. For new starting, you can choose Personal Starter or Personal Pro type. Why? If you are a beginner on online business and first starter, you can choose personal starter type because you are not an active buyer or seller. But of course this type has so many limitation. But, if you are an active buyer and seller or an avid online shopper, personal pro is the account choice for you. For bigger access you can choose Business account type. I suggest to choose Personal Starter one to begin, don’t worry if you want to upgrade it into another type, you can do that after registration. Click the next button.


3. Fill the form given. Remember to fill the true profile when registration because it will influence another transaction for verify and security requirement. Then, click next button.

4. Fill the alertpay account form. When you are on Third Party point, just sign ‘No’ option if you use account for your own self. But if you want to share it with another person, you can sign ‘Yes’ option. Now, click register button. Finally, you have to validate your Alertpay account on your email address. After finishing the validation, you can now login to your alertpay account and start your online business payment. With Alertpay if you only want to send and receive payment, you can do it as much as you want even if your account isn’t verified. But if you want to withdraw your money into your bank account number, you have to verify it. To verify your account, go to “account verification” menu on your alertpay account, and follow the step by step instruction there. Good luck!